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Essere Animali

Exists to build a world where animals are protected, and are free to satisfy their interests. We are convinced that no idea is too big to be realized.

Thousands of people support us and choose to take our side every day. That’s why, even in the face of the dramatic situation in which billions of animals live today, we refuse to lose heart. We can do very little on our own. Together, we can change the world.


Our activities mainly focus on animals used by the food industry, because they are the most exploited and least protected by law.


We carry out courageous investigations in factory farms and slaughterhouses, for which we assume the risks and responsibilities, reaching millions of people when our images are published by the media and on TV. We expose cruelty and denounce abuse. We put pressure on institutions to demand legislative changes and on companies to push them into improving their policies. We promote a food system that puts an end to animal exploitation and is more sustainable for the planet.


Believing that a goal is impossible is the first step to not succeeding. For this reason, we set ourselves no limits and work with determination and professionalism every day.


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