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Save the Dogs and other Animals

Our association believes that humans have a moral duty to protect animals. Our commitment is to protect their dignity and well-being.

We believe that the world is facing a serious canine and feline overpopulation problem, caused by humans; strays’ overpopulation causes both an endemic problem in some territories and the elimination and imprisonment of millions of dogs and cats in shelters all over the world. Therefore, we strive to reduce the uncontrolled births of these animal species, so that as many dogs and cats suitable to live in a home can find a good adoption.

At the same time, in countries in which adoption is not a viable perspective for reasons linked to the animal behavior or local culture, we work to improve as much as possible the quality of life of stray dogs and cats.

The small centre of origin over the years has left its place in a state-of-the-art complex, Footprints of Joy, which includes a modern veterinary clinic, an abandoned dog shelter, a cat and a horse sanctuary. To date, almost 40,000 animals have been sterilized free of charge while 7,000 have been entrusted through a network of international partners.

These goals can be achieved not only by reducing dog and cat births, but also by improving the canine / feline registry, making the owners aware of their responsibility, striving to obtain an advanced legislation on animal rights and actively collaborating with all stakeholders (such as municipalities, veterinary health units, schools, veterinary associations etc.).

Save the Dogs and other Animals

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