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Ocean Crest Alliance

The Ocean Crest Alliance is dedicated to Honor, Protect and Restore the Health of the World’s Oceans and the Life of the Earth’s Systems


The Ocean Crest Alliance is dedicated to Honor, Protect and Restore the Health of the World’s Oceans and the Life of the Earth’s Systems through Conservation, Research, Education, Science and Technology.

We work with the most knowledgeable and dedicated people and organizations from around the world to ensure that our projects focus on Conservation, Research, Education, Science and Technology.

Relationships are the most important assets and we value the ones that we have fostered over time. These are individuals and groups who share our passion for our oceans and the world we live in.

OCEAN CREST ALLIANCE focuses on projects related to Ocean Conservation, Research, Education, Science and Technology; to develop and establish sustainable programs that are dedicated to Honor, Protect and Restore the Health of the World’s Oceans and the Life of Earth’s Systems. By communicating and sharing this knowledge, we will benefit all of humankind and the nature that surrounds us. Work will be conducted in five main areas – Marine Protected Areas (MPA's), coral reefs, plastic pollution, food security and climate change. The information gathered and the various media produced will provide educators, government leaders, policy makers, conservation groups and the entire public sector with valuable information. We need to understand how the Oceans work, why they are vital to our existence and ultimately, how they can be repaired and protected.


The research we conduct provides relevant and beneficial information to every marine ecosystem worldwide and to all of Earth's Living Systems. With this knowledge, OCA works to assist in the design and establishment of the worlds Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s).

Our projects contribute to United Nations SDGs nº14 (‘life below water’), nº2 (‘achieve food security), nº7 (‘sustainable energy’), nº8 (‘decent work’), nº12 (‘sustainable consumption and production’), and nº13 (‘climate action’) as a priority.We will dedicate our resources to build marine operation facilities, design and build a fleet of vessels to support the sustainability of the various contracted research projects, as well as, to establish Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s). In addition, necessary equipment for research, computer data base equipment, communications transmission equipment, marine media production, reef rebuilding and energy saving technology to power vessels and our facilities, will all utilize the most advantageous and green technologies!


Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/OceanCrestAlliance/

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