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Twins International

Twins International is an Italian private Onlus association, apolitical and irreligious, which works in Africa.


Twins International is a private, apolitical and non-denominational non-profit association operating in Africa. Since 2007 it has been developing projects in Kenya for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children. In total, about 2500 orphaned children are supported in the slums of Nairobi (Dandora and Korogocho) and the rural area of Rombo, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Twins International's projects are carried out to ensure that more and more orphaned or vulnerable children in Kenya have access to school education, vocational trainings and tools to give them a worthy future and escape from the harsh reality of the slums. Particular attention is paid to the fight against HIV/AIDS, ensuring medical care for each of our beneficiaries who have contracted the virus. We are very committed to spread awareness on gender-based violence and thus we stress the need to let our girls have a voice and claim the right to equality, which is all too often denied among the populations of developing countries.

Twins International operates directly on projects in Kenya through a lean structure, thanks to a compact and prepared staff and groups of volunteers who help both in Africa and Italy.



Last year alone among all of our projects we were able to distribute 1 million meals, pay tuition fees for over 2000 children and young people, guarantee 60 secondary school scholarships, take in almost 70 children in our orphanage, and reintegrate 35 more into the family thanks to the valuable work of our social workers. 337 children have been taken out of work in the landfill and placed in school, 15 children have been enrolled in kindergarten, 17 children have graduated from our Italian cooking school and we have witnessed the creation of 40 small businesses in the Dandora slum.



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