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A.c.a.re.f. Foundation

It started in 2012 thanks to the commitment of a group of people sharing a common goal: supporting people with special needs.


Spinocerebellar ataxia (type 1 and 2) is a neurodegenerative genetic disease that leads to a progressive loss of coordination, movement, speech, breath and causes severe cognitive deficits.


Scientific research is the only way to manage it.

Ataxia patients have a short life expectancy: the degenerative period leading to death leasts from 12 to 15 years, and cannot be stopped.

We firmly want to stop this terrible countdown.

We support a long term medical research team from the University of Ferrara, that is working in order to treat and stop the disease thanks to an innovative scientific approach. Through a BIOBANK, developed together with St. Anna Hospital & University, researchers can test the effectiveness of a possible therapy based on human cells, harvested from ataxia patients. An important step on research that could help to achieve this still incurable disease and give a real hope of a better future to the patients.




We try to ensure a more independent lifestyle for people with different kind of disabilities, promoting rights, equality and a better social inclusion.

This the mission of the Foundation.

It is our growing concern to listen to people in order to understand their needs, give advice and show them our wide range of services.

We offer creative and cultural activities in open space promoting engagement and interaction; individual or small groups educational happenings; events and experiences outside the family environment in connection with art and nature.

Our goal is to create an environment where everyone can develop their own skills and freely express their own feelings and desires.


In our society the elder often find themselves alone, facing daily difficulties, excluded from social life and deprived of the right to lead a full and dignified life.

Instead we think that they represent a resource, a human heritage of knowledge and memory to value and include in the society.

We offer home and group psychomotor re-education activities through physiotherapeutic massages and music therapy, to increase skills and autonomy. We organize recreational events with the purpose to improve psycho-physic health and social relations, for example visits to museum and cultural centers; we encourage interest and participation in the community life. All that is essential to feed the passion for life and stimulate the pleasure of taking part in a world of respectful relations, experiences and mutual growth.

Come visiting us on our website www.acaref.org, we’re waiting for you!

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