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Prijedor Emergency Onlus

There are looks that make the heart stop, they last moments, but they seem to last forever.

In our refuge, which is located on privately owned land in the hills surrounding the town of Prijedor, our little angels saved from the road and from the concentration camp kennel find help and support.

Hidden in the woods there are temporary structures in wood and metal where dogs divided by size, age and level of socialization find shelter.

The daily management turns out to be very difficult as the impassable roads do not allow the arrival of cars, especially in the winter months, to the refuge.

Our volunteers are thus forced to walk almost 2km every day on foot loaded with food and water tanks.

We do not pretend to have the ideal conditions since we are not yet able to provide safer constructions but for our part each dog receives love, care, adequate nutrition and therapies.

Currently there are about 100 dogs in the refuge, including 90 adults and 10 puppies. During the summer, due to the frequent litters due to the lack of sterilization, even for the owned dogs, the number of "guests" doubles.

Medical care

Our non-profit organization constantly guarantees medical assistance and veterinary first aid.

All our cats and dogs receive:

vaccinations for infectious diseases
deworming and periodic pesticide
sterilization when development is achieved

Since there are only two veterinary clinics in Prijedor without the necessary equipment for basic care, it is necessary to travel 40km to reach our trusted clinic which is located in Banja Luka, which is the capital of the Serbian Republic.

Gazes that surround you, injected with love, that caress you lightly, speak to you without your mouth saying a word.

Looks that make noise, rummage in you ... And they steal your soul, embrace it, scratch it!

Looks that hurt you and give you back your breath from how beautiful they are, leaving you with an indelible and unforgettable imprint.

Difficult to explain in words the reality of this corner of the world.

Different mentalities, different stories, different possibilities ... And this is felt ... You can feel it in the air and you can read it in people's fleeting eyes.

It is difficult for us to enter that world; it is difficult not to judge and not to be struck and distraught by the hardness of eyes that have already seen the end.

We arrive full of expectations and desire to do, but every time we realize that we have to take ten steps back and perhaps rethink our project, to make it feasible there.

The stories never really conveyed the idea of ​​the condition of dogs in Bosnia and the unthinkable difficulties that we are ready to face every day in order to save even one life.

Italy - Bosnia, journeys that follow one another to see what no one would like to see ... Journeys of hope for them and for those people who live to snatch them from death! Travel companions ready for anything ... And kilometers faced each time with the same fears.

Milan - Prijedor: 870 km! Go full of food and come back full of love!

Such experiences change you profoundly! Enduring them at the level of emotion, tiredness and nerves is a demanding exercise, but everything is overcome when you come to understand that every angel brought to safety will finally have its chance.

No image can ever make us understand the reality that pervades our life in those moments and describing every moment is really difficult.

We travel kilometers full of hope and determination to find very high impassable walls.

Often we try to face complicated situations, the eyes see things impossible to describe and the heart is marked by indelible moments.

When you are alone, all this seems to swallow up all hope, and there is nothing else to do but release every moment with tears. Tears for the little ones brought to safety, tears for those who unfortunately did not make it, tears for those poor angels still in refuge waiting for a family that never seems to arrive and for all those dogs still locked up in the lager kennel.

There are indescribable journeys and there are moments of real terror, for us, for the people who help us and especially for the puppies. Endless hours to pass from one border to another hoping to be able to expatriate and finally bring all passengers to safety.

The dogs rescued by our Association all travel with the appropriate documentation for expatriation. Despite this, Bosnia does not support the removal of its strays from the country, and dealing with customs to bring dogs to safety is an almost impossible mission.

A trip to Italy always starts at 11 p.m. the evening before the arrival date. Dogs are divided into kennels on volunteer cars, we wish "Good luck!" with legs trembling and parting for different borders.

You have to be sure that the documents are perfect, and for this reason they are double checked before going to customs: just a stamp slightly shifted from the position of origin that the dog in question risks being sent back to Bosnia without the possibility of replication.

To cross borders it takes two to four hours if there are no problems, sometimes it takes all night. Once you have crossed the border, or rather the different borders, all the kennels gather in a suitable means of transport and you leave for Italy, where the Italian volunteers await the arrival of the dogs at an agreed point, usually in a private home made available to the cause.

From the meeting point then, we divide on the various routes and by the evening of the established day, all the dogs arrive at their destination, both in the family, and at home stall, and in shelters that have given availability to the reception.



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