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Tennis Trust Charity Program

Helping unprivileged children in villages and slum areas realize their potential through education and tennis.

What is tennis trust charity program.

This program is run under the junior tennis initiative (JTI). And the school tennis intiative (STI)which are under the Uganda tennis association .

The program was started by Ali desturi a tennis coach from Burundi. and it has been in existence since 2011. The program is run in many countries like Congo, Burundi, south Sudan and Uganda,the main objective of the program is to help unprivileged children in villages and slum areas  realise their potential through tennis and education currently it's main base is in Uganda, Kampala.


Help unprivileged children in villages and slum areas realise their potential through tennis and education.

Excellence for a better future.

Goals of the program.

* Detect talent of children from the slum areas and villages so as to build them as tennis champions.
* Get  talented children school bursaries, a starter way to go for National tournaments thus the East Africa secondary schools competition or even a board like Nkurunziza SADI who is now playing in the USA and other players have made it nationally like Boris Aguma who is representing Uganda in tennis and also other children have made successful Achievements * while representing their schools.  
* Get children out of social evils like drug abuse, Alcohol abuse, thefty, early Marriges, prostution.
* Teach children life skills like Bakery like making Bread, Cookies, Cakes,  Farming and Agricluture like  cattle rearing , goat rearing, Poultry farming.
* Teach children foreign languages like French,kiswahili, German
* Eradicate discrimination among vulnerable children like the Orphans , those born with and living with HIV, the handicapped and among others.
* Empowering /improve the standards of living of the children through teaching them tennis skills and sports  related activities, like coaching tennis, referees, umpire's, court attendants, technicians of tennis equipment like racket stringers.



The program is managed  by Ali desturi who is the founder, chairman and head coach of the program.he is assisted by Mr. Emmanuel Arinda-CPA who is the Managing Director of the program.


Tennis trust charity program  is not a membership organization but closely works with established civil society organization, the ministry of gender labour and social development,Non government organization (NGO) , development partners both national and international that share the common interest values like we have.


Tennis trust Charity program is not a profit making organization, its depends on donations for the implemention of it's programs

Donations and grants from a few Donors and wellwers who share the same vision like we have.

Money from fundraising activities like charity run, specific event sponsorship

Project activities of the organization like farming , agriculture


Current activities

- Training kids/children tennis and among whom have emerged to great heights.
- Coaching tennis/ Detecting talent.
- Training children life skills forexample Bakery skills like making Bread, Pizzas, Cake's, Cookie's, Biscuits. agriculture and Farming like Cattle Rearing,  Goat Rearing, Poultry .
- Community sensitization counseling
- End child violence
- Sensitize children, teenagers on the dangers of early sex  early marriages.


Uganda tennis association

International tennis Federation (ITF)

Confederation of African tennis.

School tennis initiative (STI) and (JTI)Junior tennis initiative

Grandslam tennis


NGO act.2016

NGO regulations 2017

Children's act cap 59

Recognition from the ministry of gender ,labour and social development.

UNICEF (invest in Uganda children).


Key focus

* Children with disabilities.
* Child abuse.
* Child labour.

Raise the voice of children.

Research shows it clearly that children Born and grown up in slum areas are prone to a variety of Dangers and obstructions which may lead them not to achieve their life potential. Some of these effects have a direct and indirect impact to the lives of these children and their families these include drug abuse, alcohol abuse, having risk sex intercourses .

Which who have exeperinced wars in thier countries experince physical and mental torture are forced into Rebel groups!Boys who handle weapon and haul rocks they can barely carry

There is limited physical education in most developing african countries and yet research shows there is a sharp increase in the number of obesity in children due to eating unhealthy diets and less physical inactivity.

Boys and Girls who lack access to information and parental guidance egangr in early sex behaviour leading them into early Marriages, cutting short their future dreams and putting them at a risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases like HIV are not even led into prostitution .

Children who are born in villages and those who are not privileged to have access to sports centers end up losing the unexploited talent due to lack of opportunity yet  star players are minting billions of Moines in the sports industry

#Wherever poverty and misery are present the children suffer most

#The importance of education can't be overestimated education remains an important tool in raising people out of poverty.

If all girls graduated from high schools and college, less early pregnancies, lower mortality rate. Raise incomassociation

Envision a place where children can play, feel comfortable & confident


This is a human right and a child right.

Our Strategic Focus:

1.Child violence

 Head injury



Internal injury (direct effect)

Depression & Aniexty



Suicide (mental problems)

 2.Lack of recreational facilites and Parental guidance.

 Unintended &adolescent pregnancy

Pregnancy complications (maternal &child health)

Alcohol & drugs



Multiple partners

Unsafe sexual practices (communicable disease and risk behaviour).


 heart disease




3.Physical inactivity


Chronic lung disease

Cancer (non communicable disease)


Key focus

- Safety.
- Equality.
- Brotherhood.
- Success.

Key principles

- Integrity, we are honest and straight forward in our relations.

- Accountability, we give relevant true and complete  faithfull information  in our relations.

- Transparency, we are transparent in our affairs and relations.



Contact:Kampala, Uganda

Email: [email protected]

Facebook. Www.Facebook.com/tennistrust charity program

Twitter: @tennistrust

Instagram. Tennis trust charity program.

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