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Our ultimately goal: to have a sustainable community living in peace with hope.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring hope to those who are living without hope and to bring light to those who are living in darkness, through:

·       Establishing and managing academic training centers, libraries and institutions;

·       Providing sponsorship and support to orphans and vulnerable children;

·       Discovering and developing the talent within every child;

·       Conducting seminars, workshops and meetings for community members on all issues relating to community development and advocacy; and

·       Providing counseling and equipping the vulnerable, by offering them life skills training and material support, so that they can become self-sufficient

To achieve this vision, we have launched a "Hope Self-Sufficiency Program".

Our goal is to ensure that our school will be a self-sustaining organization that serves the broader needs of our community.   We will develop a school that will offer three distinct programs:

Provide care and schooling to pre-school age orphans and children who do not have access to adequate adult care
Provide an after-school study and coaching environment for primary and secondary school children from disadvantaged families
Provide unemployed and under-employed youth with practical skills and business knowledge training to enable them to become financially independent through employment or entrepreneurship

We strive to the following to Shine light where there is darkness, Encourage hope where there is despair, Give comfort where there is grief Educate where there is ignorance.


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