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Interested in helping less privilege,orphanages,widows and Disabled.and create a better lifestyle for individuals and families.

Sanitary towels are main problem in our society many female can’t afford them due to funds, they end up using toilet papers and newspapers for dipping and they end up feeling small, that’s when low self-esteem start they feel worthless and ashamed. 
Young girls lack the basic necessities to enable them attend school and interact with peers during menses and majority withdraw from others as they see it as a penalty and not a course of nature. Most girls lack access to education and are disadvantaged as they may have no way out of the problem. Sanitary towels are too costly forcing them to use old clothing and tissue paper. Teachers face challenges keeping girls performance at par with boys. During menses time, most girls are shamed as everyone knows why they are absent lowering their self esteem 
Girls miss out on school for up to 7 days in a month compared to their male counterparts as they lack funds to purchase sanitary towels. They are also forced to share toilets with men whereby the disposals for the used pads are not availed. This has been due to the congestion in the areas.

- High cost of commercial sanitary pads  - Absenteeism from school when menstruating - Unhygienic ways to dry menstrual materials - Lack of resources for washing such as soup  - Fear caused by cultural myths  - Embarrassment and low self – Esteem  - if they miss school during their periods due to the lack of having access to these pads 

Long Term Goals 
- Girls will know that they can discuss problems connected to menstruation with health extension workers or teachers (   male or female  )  - Girls will not have to miss school  simply because they are menstruating - The future of project will not only give sanitary towels to school in Gauteng we want to grow to other provinces around south Africa  
Target Group and beneficiaries of this project  
- Girls in primary and high school  - Teenage mothers  - Drop out  

- A society where young women and girls in Slums have access to adequate sanitaria’s for a healthy and empowered future generation.  
- Utilization of sports to help needy girls and young women in the slums get education without worrying about their Menstruation period 


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