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Loliondo Actions for Green Earth

Park with the mission of creating a community that takes environmental conservation and protection as its prio responsibility.


We are a non governmental organization, a non profit making organization operating in Tanzania especially in Ngorongoro district which is also close to Serengeti National Park with the mission of creating a community that takes environmental conservation and protection as its prio responsibility.



We are doing the following activities in order to save our mother Earth

- Planting trees

- Provide sustainable environmental conservation education to the community's members especially women, youths(students), governments leaders and traditional leaders

- Building the community capacity to access and use eco-friendly energy in order to stop their dependency on forest for firewood and charcoal

- Conserving and protecting water sources within the district.


In this year 2019 the organization launched a tree planting campaign called "One Student One Tree"where the organization distributing trees to schools found in Ngorongoro district and making sure every student is planting a tree and taking care of it, this project target is to plant 50,000 trees this year and create a sense of planting and taking care of trees to the students who are tomorrow leaders and citizens. Five schools already got trees from the organization  therefore under this campaign 7000 trees already planted.


The Clans are to find in North Tanzania and South Kenia, they are very famous from all over the world for wearing the typical red clothes. The massaian tribe is wellknown as a very proud community with good warriors, in history they stole cattles and women from the other tribes. During the last decades the rural nomadic life of the pastoralists has been changed in a dramatic way, because of the climate change. The Massai are domiciled, living in a  Boma- the typical house, built by the women. Life is very hard, because the women have to move many miles to fetch fresh water every day. The climate change has a very high impact to the water fountains.

Political participation, owning landrights, good education and a fertile nature are some cornerstones of the fundament for prosperity and perspectives for a good future.

Thats why the awareness is rising to get good education for the kids. When they are Adults, they can have a voice for their community to achieve their goals for better life circumstances. 

So you can see how you can make a difference with your donation. Especially the little pupil-girls are supported by the work of Loliondo Actions for Green Earth.

For young massaian women it is absolutely important to get her own voice in their clans and communities, the work of this NGO empowers young women to get their voice.

Good Education is not only about mathematics and linguistics, it is also important to improve self confidence of their pupils through getting in touch with mother earth and her fruits, the abundant environment of the region.



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