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Care for Wild

To secure a viable free ranging African White and Black Rhinoceros population in Barberton, the nucleus population for future generations of rhino.


Sustainable conservation through community involvement

To secure a viable free ranging African White and Black Rhinoceros population in Barberton, the nucleus population for future generations of rhino.



It is our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and release orphaned rhinos by always fulfilling our commitment of:


Time is of the essence to save orphaned rhinos. A dedicated helicopter is available to track, find and secure injured and/or orphaned rhinos. The air rescue team is supported by a highly qualified veterinary team and ground support vehicles that transport the rhino to the CFWRS holding facilities. A large percentage of rhinos in South Africa are found in the greater Kruger National Park area. Despite intense counter poaching efforts, rhinos continue to be poached at unprecedented levels throughout Africa, to meet the demand for bogus medicines made from rhino horn. CFWRS has a close relationship and an official MOU in place with SANParks and the Kruger National Park. Most of the orphaned rhinos in our care have been received from the Kruger National Park where their mothers were poached.


Our state-of-the-art holding facilities house the rhinos during the early and fragile stages of their rehabilitation and care process where they are integrated with other rhinos and are able to form crashed and unique supportive bonds. They receive the highest standard of care, feed and veterinary support during this critical process to ensure full rehabilitation. Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary NPC is proud to be on the forefront of developing best operating practices.

Adult Rhino Care & Treatment Facility
Handling fully-grown rhinos is no easy task. It comes with many challenges that require specially designed bomasand highly functional spaces to accommodate optimal safety of the rhinos and the teams who work with them.
Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary has been thoughtfully visualizing and designing this ‘dream’ facility since 2018 and has finally reached its goal to start building a brand new, state-of-the-art rehab facility that gives injured and sick adult rhinos the best chance at survival and recovery.
A facility that takes into consideration the stress of the animal on arrival, the size of it, the trauma it has experienced, its physical and psychological condition, and the pain it is coping with. And then turn things around for that animal as effectively as possible by giving it the best treatment program available.


All rescued rhinos are re-introduced into their natural habitat which is protected from poaching and other threats.A highly qualified security team consisting of rhino monitors, canine units, mounted patrols and armed reaction unit is permanently on duty to ensure their safety.


Care For Wild


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