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Bright Start

Our objectives are to facilitate access to quality education for children from historically impoverished communities and to encourage positive parenting and caregiving.

Bright Start was founded in 2008 as a non-profit organisation and public benefit organisation. From an initial intake of 7 children, we currently provide access to quality education to 36 children from the age of six upwards, from the historically disadvantaged and troubled communities of Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg, Hout Bay, Cape Town.


The Bright Start team believes that access to quality and holistic education builds intellectual capital and is vital to creating a flourishing society and ensuring lasting positive social and behavioural change within South Africa.

We have developed a package to support a child’s development both in and out of school. It is a model that offers results for families and the wider community. It is a model that is easily replicated with the appropriate resources and baseline data.

We provide 4 levels of support:

- Support to attend a good school on an equal footing
- Support for care & development after school
- Mentoring, facilitation and empowerment
- Wellness & cultural enrichment


Beneficiaries of our Education Support Programme will graduate with a first class education and opportunities to enter the job market
Beneficiaries have self-worth and a belief in their right to aspire to a better life using their full human potential.
Parents develop through on-going workshops and mentorship
Schools are relieved of the burden of running under-resourced bursary programmes
Less pressure on socio-economic resources


Our model of supporting children from an early age and working closely with parents has given results. All our children are performing well academically and socially and the parents are committed to their progress.

We monitor our outcomes through quarterly reports, quarterly mentoring sessions with children, parents and teachers as well as focus group discussions and questionnaires. We are also in the process of a video production to share our stories of impact.

Bright Start

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